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You’re here because something isn’t working. There’s something going on in your life you don’t understand or feel you can’t handle on your own. The reason we struggle to fix these things ourselves, and the reason why we turn to therapy is simple: we’re complicated. Human dynamics are complicated.

The past, the present, our parents and our roles as parents, fears of rejection and fears of inadequacy. Even how we process these complications are complicated, with differences between what we say or pretend we want and what we actually want or even are afraid to want.

My Philosophy

It all gets so very difficult, so very quickly, and sometimes talking to a professional can help. Yet my underlying position is clear: while I can ask the questions you are the expert in you, you hold all the keys, you have all the answers. Click for more information on how I work with couples or individuals

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a month ago

Sean helped us through a difficult time in our relationship and he took the time to make us both feel at ease. He challenged us to address our thought processes and patterns of behavior which has laid the foundation for better communication as a couple. We're very grateful to him for this and we would highly recommend his services.

- Carla

a month ago

Top service, highly professional and gets to the problem quickly and offers constructive positive solutions. Our relationship improved 50% when we were engaged with Sean. Highly recommend if you are struggling to resolve relationship problems.

- Patrick

a week ago

I really do recommend Sean. He has been an enormous help to us and our relationship. At times it could become quite heated (which he navigated brilliantly!) and then as our journey progressed, he helped to bring us closer together, more in line and in tune with one another. It was an invaluable experience working with him and we are much stronger for it. Thank you.

- Anna

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All About Me

Sean Delaney Couple Therapist



I was born and raised in west Belfast, Ireland, in the heart of a prolonged armed conflict, between two seemingly intractable parties. Both wrapped up in past grievances and their environment, wedded to their history and their symbols, both convinced they are right and the other is wrong. Which, of course, was perfect training for a career in marriage guidance!

I have now spent over twenty-five years working as an psychotherapist and educator. I studied psychology at Edinburgh University, hold a Masters in Psychotherapy and Diplomas in both Humanistic Integrative Counselling and CBT. I have written a book on relationship counselling, developed and created Pattern-Based Couple Therapy and am currently finalising a theoretical model synthesising humanistic and behavioural approaches to individual therapy.

But does any of that really matter? In all honesty, probably not. At the end of the day, all that matters is that we can work together. That we can connect and shift what is going wrong to something that is going right or at least going less wrong.



Sean Delaney Psychotherapy Pine Court Bournemouth


I see clients at two practices, one in the heart of Bournemouth, just a few minutes walk from the beach, the other in Belgravia / Westminster area of Central London, five minutes walk from Sloane Square.

I provide a confidential and welcoming space in which you can talk about whatever is on your mind. I have appointments for both during the day and evening, and also Saturday.


Eaton Gate Building, Belgravia / Central London




Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange an initial consultation.
It is also helpful to know whether you are looking for individual or couple therapy,
whether you are based in Bournemouth, London or online and also an idea
of your general availability, either daytimes or evenings or specific days.

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