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From picking a therapist to leaving one, the following articles are designed to help your understanding of therapy


Selecting counsellor in Bournemouth

How to select a therapist

Five questions to ask before you choose a therapist

February 6, 2018
It can be both exciting and somewhat overwhelming picking a therapist. Scrolling through a seemingly endless of list of awkward self-portraits in the counselling directory....

CBT, Person-centred, Psychodynamic therapy

What are the different types of therapy

Person-centred, CBT and psychodynamic: brief guide

March 2, 2018
Although there are broadly speaking three mains schools within therapy, in practice most clients will have a choice of two: humanist and CBT. The third choice, psychodynamic therapy, from the Freudian school, although once prominent is now far less common...

Evidence-based psychotherapy

Is there any evidence therapy works?

Data, Science And Psychotherapy

May 10, 2018

There are two main challenges in determining whether therapy is working: first what exactly does therapy working mean for you as an individual and secondly how can this be measured...

Depression Survival Guide

Living with Depression

Survival Guide

June 28, 2018
Depression can be one of the most debilitation yet one of the most common mental health conditions. Yet it's cause and cure is still a mystery. There is no one thing that will make us depressed.

When to stop counselling

When to quit therapy ?

Five Signs You May Be Ready To Move On

Aug 30, 2018
The therapeutic alliance can be a very slippery process. Although at the outset individuals often have clear goals, during the course of therapy these can become muddled...

What is CBT and how does it work

What is CBT?

And how does it work

October 4, 2018
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is in some sense a modern re-interpretation of a very old way of looking at ourselves and the world, namely Stoicism...

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The following articles are written to help you understand what is this process of therapy, what actually happens in the room, from finding a therapist to leaving one, from understanding what a counsellor can help you with and what they can't.
It includes topics on the different types of therapy, to couples therapy, and about the role of diagnosis in mental health.

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