Counselling for Stress & Work Pressures

Understanding the causes and cures for stress


Therapy for Stress

Stress — of the right kind, at the right time, and in the right amount — can help you achieve objectives in life by stimulating your thought and creativity, and providing the energy boost you need to improve your performance. But if stress is maintained at a high level for too long, the exact opposite happens.

When you start being adversely affected by your stress, you may try to plug the gaps in the quality of your output by working harder and in turn becoming even more stressed, which actually leads to a poorer performance over time. All too often, we feel we must just keep our heads down and carry on with the job in hand despite knowing deep down that we are struggling.

A challenge with over-coming work-related stress is that often the characteristics which contribute to these feelings are the same characteristics that can make an individual successful:  single-minded focus, obession to details, never-switching off.  And the flip-side of dealing with stress is the acceptance that a more healthy balance to work is required.  Ultimately the only solution for work-related stress is to stop thinking about work, to accept work is only one aspect of your life, and as with therapy in general, this leads to a conversation about how you want to live your life.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Often, people don’t recognise the symptoms of work related stress and instead adopt a ‘coping’ mechanism, putting it down to just being extra busy and telling themselves that they should be able to cope. People can also convince themselves that it’s just for a short while until things get better, but more often than not this is not the case. Work related stress can manifest itself into various symptoms which can include:

  • Insomnia leading to tiredness
  • Irritability or outbursts of anger
  • Low mood
  • Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol
  • Low productivity accompanied by feelings of low achievement
  • Regular absence and a higher sickness rate

The key is to recognise that you are suffering with work related stress and rather than hoping it goes away seek help now.


Sean Delaney Thereapist Bournemouth


I am a registered therapist with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, hold a Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling, as well as Diplomas in both CBT and Relationship Therapy.

Whatever issue you present with, I believe anyone can benefit from having a time and space where you can be listened to with compassion, in confidence and without judgement.

I have a professional, welcoming space, in the centre of Bournemouth where you can talk freely without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

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